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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Belichick

There is absolutely NOTHING that Bill Belichick and the Patriots could do that would surprise me. Nothing. It wasn’t always this way, I remember being shocked when they cut Lawyer Milloy, baffled when they traded Richard Seymour, and bewildered when they went for the infamous 4th & 2 against the Colts. After that my tolerance … Continue reading

How My Fantasy Team Spent Their Lockout: Part II

Last week I stalked my potential fantasy football keepers on Twitter, this week I decided to check out Youtube to get more insight into how my stud WR DeSean Jackson spent his time off. I’m not sure which I should be the most disturbed about, that he nearly killed himself on a Rob Dyrdrek’s bike … Continue reading

Sunday Back-In-The-Day Buffet: Mike Tries Internet Dating Parts IV, V & VI

Mike Tries Internet Dating: Part IV Sunday June 1st 2008: Date #1 On most Sunday mornings I don’t function well enough to pour a glass of water, let alone go on a first date. When my alarm went off at 10:30 I seriously considered calling Big Brown and canceling brunch, but I was still a … Continue reading

How My Fantasy Team Spent Their Lockout

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter I have been able to monitor my fantasy football squad during the work stoppage, which is good because I have some very important decisions to make. Our league has 3 “keepers” every year (player that carries over to the next season) and I have yet to finalize my picks. … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Mike Tries Internet Dating Part III

Friday May 30th 2008 (Day 3) I woke up this morning to 8 new matches, and I have to say we’re getting a little bit better. Still not great, but better. I had some actual work to do when I first go to the office, so it wasn’t until 10:30 that I was able to … Continue reading

Top 5 C.T. Moments of All Time

Whenever I ask people what they like or don’t like about my blogging I usually get one of two answers, either “I love the stuff about reality TV, especially the MTV shows, it’s hilarious” or “I swear to God if you do another Real World/Road Rules Challenge blog I’m never reading your site again.” I … Continue reading

Cleaning Out The SportsFanParadise Mail Bag

By the time I woke up yesterday the leaders at The Open were already on the back 9 and the Sox weren’t playing until prime time. That left me with 2 options for the afternoon, I could watch the championship game of the ladies World Cup or walk over to Central Park to soak up … Continue reading

Sunday Back-In-The-Day Buffet: Mike Tries Internet Dating Part II

Thursday May 29th 2008 (Day 2) Today was a typical morning: hit the snooze a few too many times, took a quick shower, put on semi-wrinkled pants and a shirt-and-tie combo that stealthily covered a burrito stain on the shirt, and checked Eddie Money Ball’s performance the night before. (Note: I know nobody except the … Continue reading

It Was Here That The Tragic Comedy Began

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and asked “What is this golf game all about?” I would show them this video. When a professional needs just a double-bogey to win a Major championship and can’t convert. It’s a cruel game, and I like to revisit the debacle every year during British Open weekend. The next … Continue reading

How I Spent My Winter/Spring/Summer Vacation

When you work from home you spend a lot more time on the toilet than you do when you work in an office. Fact. I’m not saying that I shit considerably more than I used to, but I certainly give myself plenty of opportunity. It’s not like at work when you wait until late morning, … Continue reading